I knew a manager who was frustrated that his staff were afraid to make a decision.

He withheld critical information. He second guessed every decision they made. He did not provide guidance and brow beat people who made a poor decision. When did they have a chance to make a…

To add value to others, one must first value others.

John Maxwell

John Maxwell is one of the modern thought leaders I spoke about above. He is well known to many, and some of you probably have read one or more of his books.

In this day and age, the…

I was working as the logistics section chief during a deployment. I did not know the warehouse workers. As with most emergencies, we started ordering supplies quickly.

The warehouse staff did not know the magnitude of the emergency and were showing some resistance. We needed to create a stockpile of…

Below is an excerpt from my book Reflections on Leadership.

Leadership is not about you; it’s about investing in the growth of others.

-Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard is one of the great thought leaders in leadership theory. Many would say that he is the thought leader in leadership theory.


The NFL treats video review like they are keeping the secrets of Area 51. During the review, the referee stands under a hood to watch the video monitor. The viewers don’t know what the referee is watching or what they are saying to the video referee. The whole thing is…

Dennis Mossburg

Author of “Reflections on Leadership.” Writing about leadership, first responders and sometimes my dogs.

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