Part of transparency is explaining the why. That is explaining why you do a particular thing. My wife owns a dachshund rescue. Every winter, for one of her fund raisers, she writes post cards to donors. It’s very time consuming, but she hand writes them because it is more meaningful to the receiver.

Transparency is trust.

If she hired someone to do it and she did not tell them the intent of hand writing the cards, they may find a printer, thinking they were helping, it would lose the effect.

It is important for people to know the why of what they are doing, otherwise they may think they are helping when they are really the making things worse.

This is the curse of knowledge, assuming that everyone knows what you know. Margo knows why she hand writes the cards. If she assumes that everyone knows, and doesn’t explain, that’s when she has problems.

Avoid your problems by explaining your why.