Getting Buy In

There was a change in duties for the staff. I had to decide who was going to take on the new duties. These new duties would include more walking to complete the check. I knew who I wanted to take over the duties,

But, I wanted to know how staff felt, they were the ones taking on the new duties, so I asked all of the regular guys,those who were most likely to do the job, what they thought.I let them talk. I did not make any suggestions, I simply used Socratic questioning to facilitate the conversation..

They came up the the same plan I had, but they came up with it, because they came up with it, they were happy with it.

On other occasions, I have had to preside over meetings where my staff had to make a decision. (The truth is, I could have made the decision on my ow, and I did not want to. I wanted them to have a part.)

My only role was as an intermediary.I did not offer any opinions.

I did ask questions. I asked what and how questions to stimulate thought. I asked questions that forced them to look at the bigger picture. Do not confuse this with devil’s advocate. That approach is aimed at shutting down something. My plan was to build something.

They made a decision they could all agree with. Because they made the decision, they were more likely to follow through with it. They also learned a lesson in how they fit into the bigger picture. They left understanding their role in the over all operation. I have them the why of their job.